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Reginald Williams

Reginald Williams is a behavioral interventionist, national speaker, consultant, trainer, and subject-matter leader on marginalization, emotional identity, and cognitive identification. Reginald is a faithful disrupter of systemic structures. He’s dedicated the past seventeen years educating and being educated by young men of color trapped in impoverished predicaments. He has spearheaded youth programming, consulted with organizations to include alternative schools, and served as a critical team member in building initiatives to support Black boys and marginalized populations.


inside the book

A Marginalized Voice: Devalued, Dismissed, Disenfranchised & Demonized is a seminal read that exposes the nuanced behaviors of young Black boys and the iatrogenic practices of alleged professionals supposedly supporting those young Kings. It brings to the surface the duality in criminality that exists in a broader sense to include those emotional crimes committed against young Kings. A Marginalized Voice is a conversation igniter for those who are truly about transformational change.

Chapter 1
Welcomed Nowhere

There are some people who will never see you as being good enough. Dr. Steve Maraboli

Chapter 2

Before we restore our communities we must first eradicate the traps laid to marginalize them. Malcolm Jenkins

Chapter 3

What I love most about fatherhood is the opportunity to be a part of the development process of a new life. Seal

Chapter 4
Sever the Cord

Severing the cord isn't an act of separation. It's the sewing of a beautiful chord that keeps you forever attached to your young King via a phenomenal wireless connection.

Chapter 5
Incarcerated Teaching

There should be a deeper concern for a student's well-being outside of the academic part of school. RuQuan Brown

Chapter 6
Motivation: What's Your Follow Up?

Real change agents do not diet on the junk food of motivation. Motivational speakers need to stop using the trials of our young Kings to demonstrate how powerful a speaker they are.

Chapter 7
Program Pimps

One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.
Milton Friedman

Chapter 8
Treadmill Therapy

Counselors act to avoid harming their clients ... and to minimize or to remedy unavoidable or unanticipated harm. American Counseling Association Code of Ethics

Chapter 9
The Least of These

The participation of the Black church in the lives of young Kings can be summed up in one of those messages that once resided on the side of a milk carton: MISSING.

Chapter 10
The Beginning

The confession of evil works is the beginning of good work. Saint Augustine

Welcomed Nowhere, Trapped, Superhero, Sever the Cord, Incarcerated Teaching, Motivational Myth, Program Pimps, Treadmill Therapy, The Least of These, The Beginning, seminal, mask, cocoon of false identity

More than a book, it's a movement. It's a must read!!!


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A Marginalized Voice challenges readers to embrace the collective message rather than the narrow narrative that too many people view Black boys from. Many readers may be uncomfortable with Reginald Williams' deep and reflective thought-process. But A Marginalized Voice wasn't written for comfort; it was written to disrupt those beliefs, those behaviors, and those dismissive practices that marginalize Black boys.


reader's perspective

Just received my copy of A Marginalized Voice. I've just finished the introduction...Powerful!!!!! I brought this book because I have two young Black grandsons. I wanted to learn and understand certain things. Well, this is the vessel. I can't wait to read it in it's entirety.

Cynthia Blair Davis

The book is Outstanding. Much needed. One of the best I have read in the last 10 years. I read an average of 2-3 a year. In the top 3.

William Frink

Award-Winning Finalist in the Best Cover Design: Non-Fiction category of the 2020 International Book Awards”

Starting page XI, I paused in second paragraph to grab a highlighter. By page XIII, I paused to grab a pen to underline the highlighted lines that spoke even more. Page XIV, I started writing notes in the margin. Finished page XVII, and my heart is trying to prepare for what I'm about to read from and about these young Kings.

Beverly Royall

A must read for every KING & YOUNG KING. There was so much of me in this book. The little kid in me to the man I’ve become. No hold barred, no filter. Straight no chaser. It needed to be written. Thanks Reggie I’m looking forward to Black Boys Speak.

Keith Person

Reginald Williams, your book speaks to that young King and King in me so much. I can see where it went sideways for myself. My brother, you have no idea that this touches my very soul. I'm literally about to shed tears because I carry the weight of just not being able to express my feelings at times because I had to "Man Up" as a King when emotions are a part of our God given genetic makeup.

Dwayne Van Norden

A Marginalized Voice has provided some interesting insight for me to be able to relate to my middle and youngest King, as well as it's made me more conscious of my need to listen more and more carefully. That small correction has made a tremendous difference in our relationship.

Marion Jimmy Adams

A Marginalized Voice is an easy read and eloquently written work. Mr. Williams' descriptions and explanations about the underlying problems for young men are beyond insightful. There were sections that emotionally touched me, given my experience at one time as a "Young King." He illustrates nuances in a way I had never, and probably would not have ever, articulated so accurately and poignantly. For those awaken by the current Black Lives Matter movement, that genuinely seek to understand, this book is a must read. Yet in the same breath, it will provide a therapeutic vehicle for the million of wounded Kings, young and old.

James Nance Jr.


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